Techhubsolutions is the Tekla training institute in kolkata that offers a tekla course to engineering students. The Tekla training centre in kolkata has so designed the course so that it can be followed by a complete beginner with no prior knowledge about the program. The course will take you through the user interface first, so you can learn to navigate the Tekla user interface. With your knowledge of the Tekla software, you will be able to create 3D construction models. The course will have a focus on steel structures like bridges and buildings, but it will cover plenty of other structures in the construction field as well.

1. TKKLA over view of Tekla, steel and concrete detailing
2. View setup
3. Grid setup
4. Work plane setup
5. Basic tools
6. Columns and beams
7. Modelling
8. Connections
9. Numbering
10. Drawing and detailing
11. Report generation
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