Building Estimation & Costing

Techubsolutions is one of the few training institutes in kolkata that offers building estimation and costing course. The course has been designed to be in line with the industry requirements at the moment. The faculty consists of Industry veterans. Building Estimation and Costing Training centre, techhubsolutions, arms you with the knowledge to build company cost procedures at the end of the course. Students will learn how to distinguish components from an element and make historical data. You will learn all the various techniques oof cost estimation so that you can identify direct cost from indirect cost and fixed cost from variable cost.

Table of Content of Building Estimation and Costing
 Chapter I Introduction
 Chapter II Different Types of Estimates.
 Chapter III Approximate Estimate
 Chapter IV Method of Building Estimate
 Chapter V Estimate of Building
 Chapter VI Reinforced Cement Concrete Works
 Chapter VII Doors and Windows
 Chapter VIII Analysis of Rate
 Chapter IX Estimating of Quantity of Materials
 Chapter X Specification
 Chapter XI Valuation
 Chapter XII Prevalent Schedule of Rates
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