Primavera P6

Content 01:
• Introduction to Primavera. Primavera notes. What is project management? 1 day
Content 02:
• Creating A New Project, Working With OBS, Working With EPS, Project Dates, Project Codes, Filtering, Grouping And Sorting Projects 1 days
Content 03:
• Defining Calendars, Accessing Global And Project Calendars, Resource Calendars, Calculation Of Activity Summary Duration In Days 1 days
Content 04:
• Creating a Primavera Project WBS, Wok Breakdown Structure Lower Pane, Why a primavera WBS is important. 1 day
Content 05:
• Adding Activities & Organizing under the WBS, Finding the Bars in the Gantt chart, Assigning Activities to a WBS, Summarizing Activities Using WBS. 1 day
Content 06:
• Formatting the Display, Formatting the Project Workspace, Format Timescale. Group, Sort& Layouts, Understanding Layouts. 1 day
Content 07:
• Adding Relationships, Understanding Lags and Leads, Scheduling the Project, Critical Activities Definition, Early Date, Late Date and Float Calculations. 2 days
Content 08:
• Activity Network View, Viewing a Project Using the Activity Network View, chart view. 1 day
Content 09:
• Assigning Constraints, Understanding Primary Constraints, Project Must Finish By Dates, Activity Notebook. 1 days
Content 10:
• Activity More Activity Details, Work Products and Documents, Activity Notes. Link activity in Primavera. 1 day
Content 11:
• Creating Roles & Resources, Creating Roles, Cost Accounts. 1 day
Content 12:
• Assigning Roles, Resources & Expanses, Changing Currency. Format, Suggested Setup for Creating a Resourced Schedule
Content 13:
• Resource Optimization, Resource Usage Profile and ‘S’ Curve, Resource Usage Spread Sheet, Resource Leveling, Resource Curves
Content 14:
• Tracking Progress, Setting the Baseline, Progress Spotlight, Corrective Action, Earned Value Analysis. 1 day
Content 15:
• Filters, applying single and multiple filters. Check in & check outs.
Content 16:
• Printing & Reports, Reports-General, Reports-Time Distributed.
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