If you are looking for a Revit architecture training centre in Kolkata, you have come to the right place as we will guide you about the software in detail along with our course information.

Autodesk Revit is a building information modeling (BIM) software developed by Autodesk for professionals looking forward to working in mechanical, civil, electrical and plumbing engineering. It is a software that happens to be powerful enough for leveraging dynamic data within intelligent models. It is a software utilised for streamlining the engineering design process, thereby making product development and design more productive.

Every intelligent model developed with this software represents a whole project and remain stored within a single database file. This facilitates development created in one part of the model for been automatically propagated to the additional parts of the model, thereby improving the workflow for users

Course Objectives

This course at our revit training centre will assist professionals and students to leverage the software for developing product simulation, design, tooling creation and design communication along with many other benefits. Professionals currently working in or looking for careers in civil, electrical, plumbing or mechanical engineering fields are likely to discover numerous advantages of utilising this software.

The building information modelling workflow provided by this software not just enhances productivity but additionally helps to streamline your documentation and design workflows, thereby speeding projects from inception to completion and automating updates throughout your model with a particular design transformation. Our course provided by the professionals in the revit architecture training in kolkata will assist the candidates in mastering the technology improving their productivity and skills to a greater level. We cover:

1. Idea of adding CSV information into families
2. Using parametric parts concerning configuration with structure making
3. Outwardly imparting plan expectation
4. Working effectively with data from customers

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Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Module 3: Revit Architecture
Feature, Projects, Project Templates, Default Project Template, Revit File Types, Exploring the User Interface, Building Elements, Revit Elements and Families

Module 4: Starting a Project
Drawing Aids, Project Units

Module 5: Walls
Basic Wall, Stacked Wall, Curtain Wall, Wall Properties, Arc Walls, Creating a wall element type, Compound Structure, Vertically Compound Walls, Adding Sweeps and Reveals, Wall Shapes and Openings, Wall Joins, Working with Grids

Module 6: Modifying Commands
Move, Copy, Paste
Editing Pasted Elements
Paste Aligned, Create Similar, Rotate, Mirror, Array, Scale, Trim / Extend, Offset, Align

Module 7: Doors & Windows

Module 8: Components o Loading Component
Placing Components, Modifying Properties, Introduction to Modern Medium Library

Module 9: Managing Views
Floor Plan View, Ceiling Plan View, Cutting a Plan View, Plan Region, Elevation View, Section View

Module 10: 3D Views

Module 11: Dimensions
Temporary Dimensions, Permanent Dimensions

Module 12: Constraints
Applying and Removing Constraints

Module 13: Roofs o Roof by Footprint
Roof by Extrusion, Join/unjoin roofs, Roof Ridges

Module 14: Openings
On Face, Vertical Opening, Shaft opening, Dormer opening Wall opening

Module 15: Curtain Walls
Creating Curtain Walls, Curtain Grids, Mullions, Reshaping Curtain Wall Panels, Merging Curtain Wall Panels, Adding Curtain Door Panel

Module 16: Stairs, Ramp & Railing
Creating Stairs, Stair Calculator, Modifying Stairs, Stair Properties
Text & Tag
Drafting Views
Import from CAD

Module 17: Rooms
Room Plans, Room Separation Line and Boundaries, Room Schedule

Module 18: Areas
Area Schemes, Area Plans, Area Boundaries, Area Tags, Color Schemes
Legend Views

Module 19: Rendering
Site Design
Creating Toposurface
Contour line Label, Modifying Toposurface

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