3Ds Max is 3d modeling and rendering software that is mainly used for architecture and other industrial designs. The software is also often used in the manufacturing field. The 3Ds maxcourse is perfect for architecture students to learn 3d modeling, lighting, shading, mapping, and rendering. Being one of the best 3Ds max training centre in kolkata, we provide courses for beginners as well as professionals. The institute has designed the curriculum after taking into consideration the current market requirements and after consulting the industry experts. The course shall begin by familiarising the student with the user interface before going to modeling, editing, and finally rendering.

Module A. User Interface:
Quick Access toolbar, Menu Bar, Viewports, Navigation Toolbars, Command panel, Animation controls, Status bar, Animation Key frames.

Module B. Viewport Configuration Setting:
Layouts, View Cube, Safe frame, Statistics, Regions, Visual Style

Module C. Main Toolbar:
Selection, move, rotate, Scale, Array, Align, Snap toggle, Grid & Snap setting, Unit Setup, Selection bracket toggle (J), manage Layers.

Module D. Command panel:
Create panel – Geometry: Standard Primitives, Extended Primitives, Auto Grid Doors, Windows, Stairs, AEC Extended, Compound Object
Shapes - Spline
Modify panel – Parameters, Editable Poly, and Selection by vertex/Edges/polygon/Element, Soft selection, Edit Polygons, Edit Geometry.
Hierarchy – Pivot adjustment
Display – Display color, Hide by Category, Hide, Freeze, Display properties

Module E. Modifier List :
Object-Space Modifier – Bend, Bevel, Extrude, lathe, Lattice, Shell, Smooth, Spherify, FFD, HSDS, Turbo Smooth, Mesh Smooth, Quadify Mesh, Stretch, taper, Sweep, Push, Cloth, Displace, Noise, UVW Map.

Module F. Modeling using different kind of modifiers:
i. Basic modeling with standard primitives.
ii. Modeling a Classic Chair by Using Qualify mesh Modifier.
iii. Modeling a Barcelona chair by Using TerboSmooth, Push, and FFD Modifier.
iv. Modeling a Spiral Staircase using ARRAY.
v. Modeling a Pillow using edit poly and meshsmooth modifier.
vi. Modeling Cloth using Garment maker, Cloth modifier and wind deformation on table and bed.
vii. Modeling a certain using displace modifier.
viii. Modeling a certain using Noise modifier.
ix. Modeling a certain using Cloth modifier (Group & Node).
x. Modeling a certain using Cloth modifier (group & Wind).
xi. Modeling a certain using normal spline & grid.
xii. Modeling a Ground by using displace Modifier.
xiii. Modeling a Carpet Using Hair and Fur.
xiv. Making a simple curtain model, noise, FFD modifier.
xv. Modeling of an Interior & Exterior with Texturing bitmap.
xvi. Modeling Vray 3d grass using Vray displacement modifier.
xvii. Animation control bar utilization

Module G. Material Editor:
i. Basic texturing concept
ii. Use of Multi & Sub object Material
iii. Fall-off map
iv. Noise map
v. Raytracing Map

Module H. V-Ray material:
Making of Plain Glass material, Reflective Glass, Steel material, Stainless Steel Material, Glossy realistic material, acrylic material.

Module I. V-Ray Lighting:
Vray IES, Vray Ambient, Varylight & Vray Sunlight. Cove Light (using vray light), rod light (using Vray light), Spot Light (using ies light), Direct target light, Omni light

Module J. V-ray Physical camera
Focal length, F-number, Film speed, Sutter speed, Target point.

Module K. V-ray Plan
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