Tally with GST Course in Kolkata

The Tally ERP.9 course provides in-depth knowledge to meet the accounting needs of the industry. You can see how you can practically apply these concepts to your accounting process using the practical examples in the Tally software. The Tally ERP 9 course covers accounting, inventory, taxation, GST, returns filing, closing ledgers, MIS reporting and exams on Tally.

Tally with GST is a certification program designed to simplify the basic and advanced concepts of GST as applicable in India. It contains solved illustrations and practical scenarios, enriched with many process diagrams. This program is highly recommended for candidates who want to learn more about GST and understand the new indirect tax system and how to use it in a business environment. The aim of this program is to provide the candidate with an in-depth understanding of the basics of GST, the new indirect tax structure, the GST registration process, keeping business records, setting up business GST and understanding different scenarios of GST implementation.

Quick Training Highlights:

  1. 100% Guaranteed Placement
  2. Regular Seminars and Grooming sessions
  3. Expert Faculties
  4. Practical Training
  5. Soft Skills Training
  6. Mock Interview Sessions
  7. Any Time Job Card
  8. 22+ Years of Educational Excellence
Main Topic Sub Topic
Company Info Menu • Select Company
• Shut company
• Create company
• Alter company
• Security control
• Change tally vault
• Split company data
• Backup
• Restore
• Tally audit feature
Accounting Information • Accounting Configuration & Features
• Group Creation
• Multiple Group Creation
• Ledger Creation
• Multiple Ledger Creation
• New Voucher Creation
• Advance Ledger Creation
Inventory Information • Inventory configuration & features
• Inventory info. Menu
• Stock groups Stock categories
• Stock item
• Unit of measurement
• Bills of materials
• Locations / Godowns
• Batches & Expiry
• Inventory voucher types
• HSN Code Updates
Voucher Entry • Accounting voucher
• Inventory voucher
• optional & non-accounting voucher
• Order processing
• Advanced voucher entry
Advanced Accounting Features • Cost category & cost centres
• Budgets
• Interest calculations
• Cheque printing
• Credit limits
• Scenario management
• Reorder levels & reorder quantity
• Price level & price lists
Quick setup • Tally .net
• Excise for manufactures
• Excise for dealer
• Value-Added Tax
• Tax deducted at source
• Tax collected at source
Taxation • Excise for manufacture
• Service tax
• Tax deducted at source (TDS)&TCS
• Value added tax(VAT)
• Central state tax(CST)
• Payroll features of Tally
Data management & Administration • Backup & Restore
• Split a company, export & import of data
• E-Capabilities (E-mail a report from tally. E.R.P9)
• Uploading the reports generated from tally.E.R.P9
• Tally ODBC, Inward connectivity
• Security controls
• Tally Audit Feature
• Tally Vault
Reports Display financial statements (Display balance – sheet, configuring the balance sheet, Integrate accounts with inventory, setting closing stock manually in the balance sheet with different stock valuation methods)
• Display profit & loss A/c(configuring profit & loss A/c , income/expense statement instead of P&L)
• Display trial balance (configuring in trial balance)
• Display registers & ledgers (display sales register , purchase register, cash book , bank book, journal register, day book, statement of accounts Online Taxation Return
• Fill online ITR (Income Tax Return) download and filling forms.
• Fill online VAT, CST Return
• Excise Return & Forms
• Online service tax return
• TCS, TDS return
Introduction to GST • Concept of GST
• Rate of GST
• GST in other countries
• Categories of GST
• Other concepts.
GST (Goods & Services Tax) • Start Using Tally.ERP9 For GST Compliance
• Activating GST For Your Company
•Setting Up GST Rates
• Updating Stock Items and Stock Groups for GST Compliance
• Updating a Service Ledger for GST Compliance
• Updating Sales and Purchase Ledgers for GST Compliance
• Updating Party GSTIN
• Creating GST Ledgers
• Creating Income and Expense Ledgers
• Recording Sales and Printing Invoices
• Recording Purchases
• Recording a Tax Payment
• Transferring Tax Credits of VAT, excise and service tax to GST
• Other Scenarios
• Sales - Nil Rated, Exempt, SEZ, and Deemed Export
• Recording Sales Returns
• Recording Purchase Returns
• Recording Export Sales
• Reverse Charge under GST Recording an Advance Receipt from Customer
• Recording an Advance Payment to Supplier
• Recording Journal Vouchers for Adjustments Against Tax Credit
• Recording a Journal Voucher for TDS Adjustment
• Recording a Journal Voucher for TCS Adjustment
• Recording a Journal Voucher for Refund of Tax Credit
• Recording a Journal Voucher for ISD Credit
• Recording a Journal Voucher for Transitional Credit
• Recording Journal Vouchers for Other Liabilities
• Recording Journal Vouchers for Reversal of Tax Credit
• GSTR-1
• Returns Summary
• Particulars (Computation Details)
• Summary of Exceptions
• Table-wise GSTR-1
• Status Reconciliation
• Exporting GSTR-1
• Challan Reconciliation
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