CAM has become an essential part of our lives. There is no lie that most of our lives depend on Machines, CAM, or Computer-Aided Manufacturing works alongside CAD or Computer-Aided Design, which lets various machines manufacture objects directly from the design on the computer. You can learn this amazing software at Techhub Solutions. We provide a CAM certified course. We have amazing faculty who teach CAM in the right way. At our institute, our faculty teaches you with utmost care and dedication. Learning this software can even enhance your career and your resume.

Introduction to CNC Machines
Introduction to CAM
 Product Introduction  Basic concepts of CAM (cutters, machines job setup, etc)
 point, line, arc  fillet, chamfer, spline  curve, surface, drafting  Rectangle, Rectangle shape  polygon, ellipse  spiral, helix, primitives  litter, boundary box  bolt circle
 extrude, revolve, sweep loft, fillet, chamfer  shell, trim, thicken  remove face, draft face  pattern, boolean add  boolean remove  boolean common  non associative, find features  from surface, layout  face / features colurs
 Trim/Brake  join endities  modify spline
 entities properties, position  distance, volume / area  chain, contour  angle, dynamic
 Translate, translate 3d  mirror, rotate  scale, dynamic xform  move to origin, offset  offset contour, project  rectangular array  practice sketch 07&08  Program surface rough- pocket
 Clear colour, statistics  disply entity endpoints blank entity,  un blank entity  hide entity  unhide some  grit setting  shade setting
Creating 2D Program
 Pocket, Contour,Facing,Drilling  Transforming 2D tool paths(Translate,Rotate,Mirror)  Hole milling, slot milling and helical milling tool paths  Back plot, Verification, post processing
Creating 3D Program
 boundary box, Orientation, Analyzing  Pocket,Contour,Shallow,Parallel,Restmilling,Corner finishing tool paths  Back plot, Verification, Gouge checking, Post – processing, Editing of programs
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