Techhub - October 29, 2021

Python Career Opportunities: The Best Career Guide with Python Programming

In this dynamic world where everything is changing rapidly, today, the popularity of Python seems to never stop. Python certification is one of the most sought after skills in the entire programming field. But have you ever wondered if it’s really worth it? If so, where can it take you? Having said that, there are a few other issues that may interest you. In this article, I will answer a similar question about the Python career opportunities and the growth it can offer you.

Python as a programming language is simple and easy to learn. Python cuts development time in half with its easy-to-read syntax and simple compilation. In addition, there are many libraries that support data analysis, manipulation, and visualization. Because of this, it has become the most preferred language and is considered the “Next Big Thing” and “Necessary” for professionals. Today we will discuss the various career opportunities in Python available to Python programmers.

Career opportunities in Python

The curious and practical tendencies are desirable because Python requires us to get our hands dirty and likes to walk around the system looking for bugs and other problems.

An independent third-party study found that the Python programming language is currently the most popular language for data scientists worldwide. This statement is supported by the IEEE, which tracks the popularity of programming languages. According to them, Python topped the list of the most popular programming languages ​​in 2018. Not only that, Python has its uses in various domains, as shown below.

In India and other countries around the world, worrying skills gaps are forcing companies to seek out talent from more expensive countries. A recent Times of India article stated, “One of the best software companies in India has faced a difficult situation.” He had won a $200 million ($1,200) contract to develop an app store for a major US bank, but there weren’t enough programmers to write the most suitable Python code for it. After all, he paid three times the fee to a group of freelance Python programmers in the US and learned a valuable lesson about the importance of the language, named after the British television comedy Monty Python! “

Thankfully, that’s changing now that developers are realizing they need to include Python on their resume, for faster programming and a lucrative global career.

Python profile

  • Software developer
  • Python Developer
  • Research Analyst
  • Data analyzer
  • Data Scientist
  • Software developer

Python Content

In late 2017, Python showed some impressive numbers. A recent survey by also found at least 68,196 Python jobs in the US with exponential salaries.

Python Programming Popularity

The popularity of Python programming is growing all the time, as are the career opportunities in Python.

According to the TIOBE Programming Community Index, which tracks the popularity of programming languages, Python soared to the 3rd position in the index just last year!

It is noteworthy that 41 major companies around the world have adopted Python as their primary programming language in a very short time. Some of the big players like Quora, Facebook, YouTube, SlideShare, Dropbox, Pinterest, Reddit, and Netflix have written most of their new code in Python. An open secret in the developer world is that Google has adopted Python as a secondary programming language and has decided to make more use of it in its new product offerings.

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