Python Online Course in Kolkata

Python refers to an open-source programming and high-level language with a broad range of applications in Big Data, Data analytics development of web applications and games, data science, and automation. It is a powerful and flexible interpreted and object-oriented language. It is considered as a programming language with the biggest number of job opportunities. 

Researchers have termed this programming language as the next big thing and it is chosen by various experienced and young developers and is one of the highest-paid skills among all the programming languages in the information technology space. 

Techhub Solutions provides comprehensive python online training in Kolkata that will help you master advanced theoretical concepts fundamentals and file operations in the python language while getting practical experience with the operational applications because the training is blended with live projects and assignments. The best python training institute is seasoned with python trainers with expertise and is considered to be the best in class. 

Our python online course Kolkata will provide you with the concepts of this programming language ranging from advanced, intermediate, and beginner at levels of our curriculum. With our course for python training in Kolkata, one can get hands-on assignments and experience to make sure that they get overall expertise towards the programming language. Students will be able to crack interviews and be market-ready as far as jobs in the market are concerned. 

You will also be able to understand the inheritance concepts of python programming language like data structures, data types, basic operators functions, multithreading, graphic user interfaces, regular expressions, exceptions, lambda expressions, networking, and many more. Overall, our python online course Kolkata will extensively cover the Django framework. Other than that, students can gain an in-depth understanding of models and python object-oriented programming concepts.  Our python training institute in Kolkata comes with real-time data projects and assignments to make sure hands-on experience. Apart from these our institute also provides AutoCAD training and Java training from beginners to advanced levels. 

Why Choose Techhub for Python Online Course

Apart from our best-in-class courses on python training in Kolkata, there is a multitude of reasons why you should choose us for our python online course Kolkata. Here’s why: 

1. Tailored course curriculum: Our training curriculum is tailored as per the trending industry requirements. It is meticulously designed by experienced professionals and is concerned to be one of the best within the industry. 

2.Blended training model: Techhub Solutions come with a blend of instructor-led and e-learning concepts in a classroom that ensures comprehensive learning expertise for the students, thereby improving the learning curve overall. 

3. Access to e-learning: Students will be provided access to record stations in live classes which will help recap and revise the concepts and they can also watch the missed sessions on their learning management system of our institute. It is also possible for the students to watch the recorded sessions on the go. 

4. Industry-based trainers: Faculty is what we boast about. Trainers at our institute come with extensive real-time experience and are certified. They come with a passion for teaching and are concerned as one of a kind in their domains in the industry. You can always ask for a free demo class to understand the quality of our professional python training in Kolkata

5. Support after training: We offer additional support even after the student completes a training through the modes of interactive forums like social media platforms, forums, WhatsApp, Facebook, and many more. Students can reach out to their respective trainers for assistance to clear out their doubts after the completion of the python online course Kolkata, if any. 

6. Peer-to-peer support: We make sure that the earlier participants from our institute would assist the present participants who are going through their training. Students can gather knowledge from their seniors as they share the experience and provide guidance to the participants,  helping them with their preparation throughout. 

Our online program in python is entirely an indication of excellence when it comes to the field of data science. You can stay ahead and be competitive in the present job market by getting certificates and global recognition from our institute. After the completion of the training program, you will get a dual certificate and enjoy the alumnus status.

Installing Python and Setting up the Development Environment
Downloading Python and Installing
Setting up path
Introduction to different IDE and Editors for Python

Basic Programs Handling Data Type
Running python
Python identifier, keywords, comments, etc
Variable, Standard Data Types
Python numbers, strings, operators

Conditional Statement, Looping, Control Statement
If…else Statement
elif Statement
Nested if-else

While Loop, For Loop
Nested loops

Break & Continue Statement

String Manipulation
Strings indexing and splitting
String Operators
Python Formatting operator
Built-in String functions

Python Data Structure

Functions in python
Defining a Function & Calling
Passing by Reference Vs Passing by Value
Global vs. Local variables
Default argument, keyword argument and Variable-length arguments
Lambda Expressions

Modules & Packages in Python
Creating & importing Module
Built-in Modules
The dir() Function

What is Exception
Handling an Exception
The except Clause with Multiple Exceptions
The try-finally Clause
User-Defined Exceptions

Files I/O
Handling different types of file
Opening a text file and a binary file
Different modes of opening a file
Reading and writing to a file
Operations using file-handling

Object and Classes in Python
Introduction to the concepts of OOP
Declaration of a class
Basic properties, constructor
self, super keywords
Creating an object of a class
Importing a custom class
Programs involving classes
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