Techhub - January 7, 2022


CATIA or “Computer Assisted 3D Interactive Application is a cross-platform software package for computer-aided design”. This application is widely used for digital product development and product life cycle management. A French company develops software for 3D design. Since CATIA is considered a high-end design and modeling software, it has many uses. Take courses at renowned CATIA training center in Kolkata and you can apply your knowledge in multiple disciplines in one work environment. CATIA is used for many phases such as design, engineering, production, and conceptualization in product development.

Various industries that require knowledge of CATIA

Mechanical Engineering

As a 3D modeling tool, CATIA is widely used by machine builders to obtain valuable information about product performance and quality in the early development phase. Product development teams use digital analysis and simulation, as well as digital prototyping, to create and analyze products virtually within their operating systems. Because CATIA allows users to mechanically design products, they can integrate parts into an intuitive and productive environment. The design is unbreakable so you can manage the relationships between objects and their associated behavior in the configured assemblies.

System technology

Systems engineers can enroll at the CATIA Training Institute in Kolkata and master interdisciplinary systems development process skills. Developers can use an integrated systems engineering approach to properly supervise the entire development process. Systems engineering products can be developed smoothly with detailed modeling, system architecture definition and complex system simulation. It also makes it easier for engineers from different departments to work together. Can understand and bridge communication gaps.


CATIA plays an important role in the construction sector so that civil engineers can gain digital continuity in infrastructure or construction work. You can work with other stakeholders at different stages of the project. Most complex construction projects require a concerted effort, which reduces the possibility of rework. 3D is a common language. CATIA enables engineers and architects to work together by providing a variety of 3D modeling solutions to think beyond traditional project implementation methods. There will be digital continuity or connection between different project teams.

Design / style

The design and style of a product plays an important role in any industry, be it a product or a vehicle. To ensure the success of a product in the marketplace, you can use the skills acquired in CATIA’s online and offline courses to develop forms and let your material creativity run wild. With the right tools, you can achieve higher levels of sophistication and surface quality. There are several important elements of CATIA that can stimulate design innovation. It is the perfect solution for surface excellence, design creativity and product experience.

Since you already know the areas where CATIA skills are needed, it’s time to apply to a well-known CATIA training institute in Kolkata like Techhub Solutions.


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