Embedded System on Arduino

Module 1: Basic Electronics (10 Hours)
Voltage, Current, Ohm's Law V=IR, Resistance, Capacitor, Series and Parallel connection of Resistance and Capacitor
Transformer-Step Down, Diode, Bridge Rectifier, Zener diode
Different type of PNP & NPN Transistor, ULN2003, Op-Amp (LM324N)
Voltage Regulator - 78XX, 79XX, AMS1117-XX
Logic IC - 74XX, 40XX, Digital IC - CD4511, CD4026B, Timer-555
Electromagnetic Relay, Potentiometer, LDR

Module 2: Introduction to Atmega328P-PU (3 Hours)
Hardware Specification
Block Diagram
Pin Diagram

Module 3: Introduction to Ardunio Uno R3 (3 Hours)
Hardware Specification
Layout Diagram
Circuit Diagram

Module 4: Introduction to Ardunio IDE (4 Hours)
What is Ardunio IDE
Basic of Ardunio Programming- Language Reference, Variables Functions, Library, Cores, Vidor HDL basics
How to Program Ardunio UNO
Boot Loader

Module 5: Interfacing Different type of components with Arduino (30 Hours)
LED - Blinking Pattern and Controlling brightness PWM
Buzzer - Controlling of Buzzer
FND, CD4511 - Displaying Digits
Serial Communication - Serial Monitoring, Controlling LED, FND and Buzzer from the PC.
LCD - Displaying Text, Scrolling Text
DIP Switch, Push Switch - Digital Input Processing
Potentiometer - Measuring Voltage, ADC
LDR-Detecting Color and Light Intensity
IR-Detecting obstacles
Ultrasonic Sensors-Distance/Speed measuring
ULN2003 & Relay - Control AC voltage using Relay
DS3231 - Real-Time Clock and Temperature monitor
SIM800L GSM Module - Send Receive SMS, Call and FM
L293D & DC Motor - Control a DC Motor
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