Electronics Components & Device

Module 1: Basic Electronics (10 Hours)
Voltage, Current, Ohm's Law V=IR, Semiconductor basic theory

Module 2: Basic Electronics Components (10 Hours)
Different type of Resistance, Capacitor, Inductor, Diode, PNP & NPN Transistor
Voltage Regulator - 78XX, 79XX, AMS1117-XX, Buck Converter - LM2596
74XX, 40XX, NE555, LM324-N, L298N, ULN2003, CD4511, CD4017, CD4026B

Module 3: Basic Electrical Device (10 Hours)
Transformer - EI & Torodial Core, Step Up / Down, Variable, Taping and CT
Different Type of Switch- Button, Push, SPDT, DPDT, TPDT, TPTT, Rotary, Limit, etc.
Relay, MCB, MCCB, RCB, Contractor
Wire Gauge table, Climping technique of wire

Module 4: Introduction to Power Electronics (10 Hours)
Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor (MOSFET)
Bipolar -Junction Transistor (BJT)
Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT)
Thyristors (SCR, GTO, MCT, TRIAC, DIAC)

Module 5: Advance Electronics Device (10 Hours)
RGB LED, PIXEL LED, FND -CC and CA , LCD 16 X 2 , LCD 20 X 4
HC-05 Bluetooth Module, ESP8266 WiFi Module, SIM800L GSM Module
NEO-6M GPS module, DS3231 - Real-Time Clock

Module 6: Different Type of Electronics Sensor (10 Hours)
IR sensor module, HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor, DHT11 Humidity and Temperature Sensor
MQ2 Smoke & Flammable gas sensor, MPU-6050 3-Axis Accelerometer and Gyro Sensor
PIR Motion Sensor Detector Module HC-SR501

Module 7: Introduction to Microcontroller (10 Hours)
Atmega328P-PU, PIC16F4550, PIC18F4550
Ardunio UNO R3

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