Techhub - May 24, 2021

Why The Users of CATIA V5 Are Switching To The 3D Experience

As organizations proceed to motivate their employees to work from home and support the culture of remote working, the users of CATIA V5 are having a tough time to consider staying connected provided the situation. CATIA V5 users can now proceed to collaborate from any remote location and they can easily connect with their existing licenses to the platform called 3DEXPERIENCE. It is a platform that can enable them to edit, review, collaborate and create data from CAD anywhere, anytime. Eager to learn CATIA? Enroll yourself with the CATIA online course Kolkata

What reasons are driving the users to utilise the new platform? 

If you have taken a course from a CATIA training centre, here are some of the reasons you need to know why users are leveraging the 3D experience: 


  • Share designs securely and easily– With the 3D experience the users can share their designs with anyone, anytime, anywhere based on any kind of web enabled gadget. 
  • Collaborate effectively and seamlessly– The new 3D experience helps in easy collaboration when it comes to digital marketing procedure with each stakeholder, no matter the location. Apart from that, there are also benefits of collaborating with non CAD users. 
  • Harness additional capabilities – With CATIA V5, you can simply utilise the models in any other Dassault systemes apps like digital manufacturing planning as well as fine and element analysis. 
  • Manage processes of innovation with ease – You can easily combine the design procedures into final product lifecycle management ranging from validation to design, manufacturing as well as change management, hence assisting you to simplify your workflows. 
  • Save your time searching – discovery and access information immediately with the help of 3D volume queries, indexed searches, selective opening of partial assemblies as well as product filtering. It enables you to spend more of your time designing and putting less time into searching. 
  • Uplift your personal productivity – Utilise save and background capabilities and carry out other tasks while the files compile and easily save them in the background. 
  • Connect to the future, now – Proceed to utilise CATIA value get access to the platform of 3D Experience on the cloud. 


With that being stated, by now you are quite ready to empower your engineering and design teams with the new 3DEXPERIENCE platform. But, what knowledge is limited? Harness knowledge to the full potential by taking courses from CATIA training centre to make the most of your new experience. We are providing new members with an opportunity to upgrade their existing licences and enabling them to edit, manipulate and access their CAD data on the new platform. Simply reach out and enroll in our online course. 


Worried about what benefits you are likely to get? Why don’t you discover them yourself below. 

  • You can easily review, develop and edit CAD data from any location, on any device. 
  • You can live on the platform truly by collaborating with numerous stakeholders. 
  • Make sure to drive business continuity by improved remote working with the new software. 
  • Motivate agile working by the help of articulating vertical domains like robotics, manufacturing and others with industry specific roles. 


If you are looking forward to discovering more about how you can upgrade your licences, thereby driving your employees forward throughout the covid-19 pandemic and beyond, make sure to get in touch with our professionals today. Ranging from courses to upgrades and licences, they will guide you about everything you need for your business. Without a further doubt, you can reach out to us as our professionals work round the clock to serve you at their best.