Application of Power Electronics

Module 1: Basic Electronics (10 Hours)
Voltage, Current, Ohm's Law V=IR , Resistance, Capacitor, Series and Parallel connection of Resistance and Capacitor
Diode, Different type of Bridge Rectifier, Zener diode
Different type of PNP & NPN Transistor, ULN2003, Op-Amp (LM324N)
Voltage Regulator - 78XX, 79XX, AMS1117-XX
Logic IC - 74XX, 40XX, Digital IC - CD4511, CD4026B, Timer-555

Module 2: Basic Electrical Engineering (10 Hours)
Transformer -Step Up/Down, Relay, MCB, MCCB, RCB, Contractor
Star-Delta Connection, Three Phase & Single Phase System
Power Factor, Phase Angle, KVA-KW Relation
Wire Gauge table, Climping technique of wire

Module 3: Introduction to Power Electronics (15 Hours)
Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor (MOSFET)
Bipolar -Junction Transistor (BJT)
Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT)
Thyristors (SCR, GTO, MCT, TRIAC)

Module 4: Application of Power Electronics (15 Hours)
Relay Control Voltage Stabilizer
Servo Control Voltage Stabilizer
SMPS & Battery Charger
Off Line UPS
On Line UPS

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