Oracle Primavera P6 TRAINING MODULE
Setting up the EPS (Enterprise project Structure)
Enterprise Project Structure Overview
Setting up the EPS
Adding New Project to the EPS
Setting up OBS ( Organization Breakdown Structure)
The Organization Breakdown Structure
Viewing OBS
Setting up OBS
Working with OBS
Adding a Calender
Modifying a Calender
Assigning a Calender
Defining Resources and Roles
Resource Overview
Viewing & adding Resources
Defining and adding Resource Codes and Values
Assigning Resource to Activities
Creating Roles
Assigning Roles to Resources
Work Breakdown Structure
The Work Breakdown Structure
Viewing a WBS
Assigning a WBS Category Value
Grouping and Sorting Activities by WBS
Establishing Activity Codes
Creating Activity Codes and Values
Grouping and summarizing by Activity Codes
Working with Activities
Activity Overview
Adding Activities
Establising Relationships
Displaying activity details for Assignment
Assigning Resources and Roles
Assgning Activity Codes
Adding Steps
Viewing Activity Summary
Managing Baseline
Creating and maintaining Baseline
Assigning Baseline to project
Comparing Current and Baseline
Updating Progress - Scheduling
The update progress
Choosing a Method of Updating
Updating Progress for Spotlighted Activities
Estimating Progress Automatically
Updating Activities manually
Scheduling Project
Levelling of Resources
Resource Usage Profile & Resource Usage Spread Sheet
Activity Usage profile & Activity Usage Spread Sheet
Tracking - Comparing Project
Working with Tracking Layout
Comparing Projects / baseline
Summarizing Project
Setting Summarization Option
Summarizing Project Data
Creating & Using Reflection
Reflection Overview
Creating And Using Reflection
Checking project In & out
Checking Out Project
Checking In Projects
Working with layout
Modifying WBS Layout
Modifying Projects Layout
Modifying Resource Assigment Layout
Modifying different Activity Layout
Creating Opening & Saving Layout
Report -EVA - S Curve
Opening Report
Using Reort Group
Earn Value Analysis
Introduction to S Curve
Importing & Exporting data with other application
Importing Projects from Microsoft Project
Importing Projects from Microsoft Excel
Group , Sort & Filter
Grouping Data
Sorting Data
Filtering Data
Send Enquery