Module A. User Interface:
Quick Access toolbar, Menu Bar, Viewports, Navigation Toolbars, Command panel, Animation controls, Status bar, Animation Key frames.

Module B. Viewport Configuration Setting:
Layouts, View Cube, Safe frame, Statistics, Regions, Visual Style

Module C. Main Toolbar:
Selection, move, rotate, Scale, Array, Align, Snap toggle, Grid & Snap setting, Unit Setup, Selection bracket toggle (J), manage Layers.

Module D. Command panel:
Create panel – Geometry: Standard Primitives, Extended Primitives, Auto Grid Doors, Windows, Stairs, AEC Extended, Compound Object
Shapes - Spline
Modify panel – Parameters, Editable Poly, and Selection by vertex/Edges/polygon/Element, Soft selection, Edit Polygons, Edit Geometry.
Hierarchy – Pivot adjustment
Display – Display color, Hide by Category, Hide, Freeze, Display properties

Module E. Modifier List :
Object-Space Modifier – Bend, Bevel, Extrude, lathe, Lattice, Shell, Smooth, Spherify, FFD, HSDS, Turbo Smooth, Mesh Smooth, Quadify Mesh, Stretch, taper, Sweep, Push, Cloth, Displace, Noise, UVW Map.

Module F. Modeling using different kind of modifiers:
i. Basic modeling with standard primitives.
ii. Modeling a Classic Chair by Using Qualify mesh Modifier.
iii. Modeling a Barcelona chair by Using TerboSmooth, Push, and FFD Modifier.
iv. Modeling a Spiral Staircase using ARRAY.
v. Modeling a Pillow using edit poly and meshsmooth modifier.
vi. Modeling Cloth using Garment maker, Cloth modifier and wind deformation on table and bed.
vii. Modeling a certain using displace modifier.
viii. Modeling a certain using Noise modifier.
ix. Modeling a certain using Cloth modifier (Group & Node).
x. Modeling a certain using Cloth modifier (group & Wind).
xi. Modeling a certain using normal spline & grid.
xii. Modeling a Ground by using displace Modifier.
xiii. Modeling a Carpet Using Hair and Fur.
xiv. Making a simple curtain model, noise, FFD modifier.
xv. Modeling of an Interior & Exterior with Texturing bitmap.
xvi. Modeling Vray 3d grass using Vray displacement modifier.
xvii. Animation control bar utilization

Module G. Material Editor:
i. Basic texturing concept
ii. Use of Multi & Sub object Material
iii. Fall-off map
iv. Noise map
v. Raytracing Map

Module H. V-Ray material:
Making of Plain Glass material, Reflective Glass, Steel material, Stainless Steel Material, Glossy realistic material, acrylic material.

Module I. V-Ray Lighting:
Vray IES, Vray Ambient, Varylight & Vray Sunlight. Cove Light (using vray light), rod light (using Vray light), Spot Light (using ies light), Direct target light, Omni light

Module J. V-ray Physical camera
Focal length, F-number, Film speed, Sutter speed, Target point.

Module K. V-ray Plan
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